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Stream Services redefines the way you collect, display and utilize your drilling data through our suite of innovative EDR products—ultimately delivering exceptional value to your operations.


Stream Services empowers your team to make real-time decisions that optimize your operations. Stream's reliable technology monitors all critical drilling parameters, delivering real-time information to the rig floor and office. We securely gather your data through strategically placed smart sensors and downhole tools and then display it through simple and intuitive applications.


Our team is fully engaged with our clients offering unrivaled support in the EDR market differentiating us from the competition.

Stream Services' product suite delivers exceptional performance and value and was designed in partnership with users.


We offer a CAODC and IADC compliant EDR platform that simply integrates with third party systems.


Stream delivers the fastest and most reliable data transmission speeds through our state-of-the-art wireless communication systems. From the rig site, the office, or your mobile device, your data is available to you one second after it's collected.

Our business is built upon people, partnerships and performance.





I like how easy the operation of the auto driller is and the stability and speed. I am confident enough with it to use it from surface to TD.

John M.


Based on my experience, I would estimate the ControlStream Auto Driller saves us three hours a day compared

to the competition.

Bud Berger

Drilling Consultant


Stream Services' health, safety and environmental philosophy is to ensure that our people, our property, the environment, and the general public are protected from accidents, injury and harm. 

We are committed to providing and maintaining a work environment which meets or exceeds industry health and safety standards, as well as all legislative requirements. Stream strives to eliminate any foreseeable hazards which could cause personal injury, illnesses, property damage or have a negative impact on the environment. Our objective is to apply environmentally responsible management practices in everything we do and create an injury and accident free workplace.


Stream Services' maintains a Certificate of Recognition (COR) through the Alberta Government and employs a full-time HSE Manager. 



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